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DoodleTop Sea Life Stencil Kit

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£ 12.95

Spin, Doodle and Create with the Crafty Kids’ DoodleTop; the spinning top that draws! Create colourful and unique masterpieces with the DoodleTop Sea Life Squiggly Stencil Kit.

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Using the different coloured washable pens provided, create a crazy, rainbow-coloured squiggly picture of creatures from beneath the sea - each picture will be an individual work of art!  Place a piece of paper and a stencil into the design tray and start the DoodleTop spinning. Pick up the design tray and slowly tilt it to direct where the DoodleTop spins. The eight sea life stencils, that include a sea horse, turtle, octopus and starfish, can be used over and over again to create beautiful underwater scenes!  Each project is a unique work of art. The DoodleTop Sea Life Squiggly Stencil Kit is for budding artists age 5 years and over.


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